Given the state of nature in the modern world, the unacceptable attitudes, and treatment towards wildlife, environment, what does the Church itself do to solve environmental problems?

Human spirituality and thoughts are expressed in outward manifestations of his behavior. The courses against the will of God, sin, guilty actions, cause harm to humans and the environment. Therefore, the strokes at the person, people, and the world are the attack of evil, the wickedness caused by the human hand.

The Church sees the problem deeper, considering it as a sin rooted in the spiritual sphere, from where the sin must be cleared, the Church must help the man to overcome his sinful and fallen state and mentality and lead the human to the holiness.

Christ defeated death and sin, gave the power to the man to be freed from the captivity of sin and death and distributed His graces that strengthen believers to defeat the evil, to confirm the good, to achieve holiness.

The mission of the Church for the salvation of the man strengthens the spiritual life and consciousness, brings the understanding of the importance to live according to the divine will, to fulfill God’s commandments.

True knowledge of God and true worldview, the warnings of materialistic ambitions damaging people and the environment, deep respect for God-given life and the perception of the man, created in the image of God, as a great value are the important part of the main solutions to the environmental problems.