When talking about the meaning of life another question often arises, what is life?

According to the scientific point of view, life is the active form of the existence of matter and the characteristic that distinguishes those who have properties of the signal, sense, and of existence developing from those that do not have these attributes. From the branches of science, it is biology that mainly deals with that question. According to the Bible, the life is the gift of God with the creation of living creatures and the necessary conditions for their residence and existence.

Scripture teaches that God is the author, the grantor of life and explains the concept of life firstly with the attribute of having a breath of life. The water, land and air creatures that have this quality are created by God’s creative word, which has the power to create and bring into existence from nothing (Gen. 1:20-25). Similarly, the man is created who is considered to be the crown of creation, as created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26-27).

The fact of creation of the universe and of the life power having creatures with a divine word in theology is connected with Christ, who is called the Word of God, as declares John the Evangelist (John 1:13).

When we say “sense of life”, we mean an individual’s life or life in general?

Life does not exist separately, it lies in creatures, as the time, in my opinion, does not exist independently, but it exists only with the change of the movement of things and beings. The meaning of life is to please God (Rom. 11:36; 1 Thess. 4:1), and it is the God-pleasing life that brings us happiness and harmony and makes us worthy of eternal life.

Each person, of course, at first individually reflects on the meaning of his own life, but we can also understand the meaning of life as collective life, that is to say, social, national, and universal life.

These two meanings of the concept of life are linked in the sense that each person must contribute to the welfare and well-being of universal life.

This has been particularly evident in family life when life becomes meaningful in unity.

Thus, we should understand the meaning of life, goals, and actions in a broader understanding by rising above the personal to the universal.

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