What does Christianity teach about God? On the one hand, it says that God is a spirit and He can’t be expressed in human words and concepts as any word is not fully able to express or contain the concept of “God”. On the other hand, we are in front of God’s revelation given by the Holy Bible and the experience of many saints, and in front of the fact of God’s self-revelation.      

 “God is a spirit” (John 4:24), says John the Evangelist, presenting the summary of the Holy Bible about God’s revelational description. Also, God’s spiritual being reveals His omnipresence because physical and material things necessarily relate to the limitations and being in a particular space.

In the Old and New Testaments, we have the idea of God from the information of God’s influence in human history, which also shows that God is not an indifferent observer of the course of His creation. He enters into the history of humankind, in creation, and guides by His providence, giving His commandments and appeals.