If the thirty-second advertisement has an influence on the views and behaviors, then in such circumstances can we be sure that being in front of the TV or on the Internet for hours will not change the way of thinking? Very often the content of information is contrary to the principles and standards that the Bible teaches, isn’t it?

 A person’s thinking can often be changed according to the information which fills his head. Humanity and societies are less changed by revolutions than new thoughts and philosophical perceptions. In the 18th century, Enlightenment philosophers changed the mindset of the people, some of them set the beginning to suspicion and skepticism especially towards religion, German philosopher Immanuel Kant brought more the dominance of reason than of faith and feelings.

In the 19th century, atheism penetrated into Europe only by the writings of one philosopher, Nietzsche. These changes, caused by powerful waves of thought, are detrimental to the people who are still unstable and have not their own solid values and clear views. And today, too, immoral information provided by television or a computer threatens this kind of people.

As for the television news and information giving programs, if we look at the broadcasts of major news agencies spread in the international scene, we can state that today in the world there is no information, but mostly there are machinations related to information.

Each country gives or modifies information according to its political benefits and the interests. In general, the news especially is about bad circumstances or events, statements about accidents, conflicts, terrorism, economic issues, social challenges and more.

News programs often present positive events as advertisements of the ruling system or party which is more obvious especially in countries with the totalitarian system, the most famous of which today is North Korea. So, today’s news broadcastings are becoming the spread of bad news.

In the news industry, a new kind of news has appeared – the sector of the news about accidents which present in details car crashes. A car crashed, but thousand of cars reached their destinations successfully and happily But the news is mostly focused on the negative events.

The international news also focuses on the negative toning; a plane crashes, terrorist attacks continue, one country again has bombed another country, the financial crisis stifles people, someone committed suicide just because of that. It seems that in the world there is not a good thing. The news is interpreted from pessimistic positions, and today’s news is specific by a pessimistic genre.

People have a great interest in tragedy, and it seems that the newsmakers, exploiting this trait, are trying to present the news with the specific content of the tragedy genre. Tragedies had also a great success in literature as Shakespeare’s famous works. But Shakespeare, except the tragedies “Romeo and Juliet,” “King Lear,” “Macbeth,” “Othello”, “Hamlet” and so on, have also wrote many comedies as “Comedy of Errors,” “Much Ado About Nothing,” “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” “The Merchant of Venice,” “Twelfth Night” and others which have also received a great reception. So, by providing news the newsmakers can consider that the positive is also interesting and even useful. Otherwise, this whole situation is similar to a man who, in the New Year’s holiday, sees only the damaged lights of the Christmas tree.

In everyday life, mostly in connection to the negative news, spread by the television and the Internet, the human spiritual aspiration to communicate with God weakens. And when the mind is fed mainly from the sources of the spreading of pessimism and immorality, it becomes void of Christian values, immoral or demoralized, being under the influence of despair and disappointment, brought by the evil, and sometimes reaches the act of blaming God; even to renounce God.