In such cases, a child should not be punished, but the person who committed the crime. The child is innocent and cannot be held responsible for the sins of his parent or parents and furthermore to be punished or executed.

Let’s suppose that for some reason a woman failed to have an abortion, and the child was born. In this case, can we affirm that a woman has the right to kill her fetus because it’s a result of rape? Of course, we can’t. Therefore, we must realize that the human being, who is to be born, is a man as well as a newborn.

A few years ago the Catholic Church in Brazil was in a struggle with the Brazilian government on this issue. The female president of that country, who is a faithful Catholic Christian, does not approve the abortion too, but with the authorities she wanted to pass a law, emphasizing women’s right to have an abortion when the pregnancy was caused by rape. The law was finally adopted despite objections of the Catholic Church, and that law was added to the permission for an abortion to save the life.

Besides these cases, the performance of the abortion in Brazil is punishable by law with imprisonment from one to four years, in the case of the woman as well as of the doctor. The Brazilian law, as well as the Constitution, provides for the right to life of the human embryo from the first moment of pregnancy. An exception is made for the abortion of the embryo with anencephaly, a congenital absence of the brain. In this case, the abortion is also permitted by law, against which, however, were religious-oriented organizations, arguing that such children also have the right to live.

Abortion is illegal in the African and Middle East countries, in many countries of South America, including Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, etc.; in Europe, Ireland, Malta, and Vatican. In other European and North American countries, there are powerful movements against abortion.

For the Church any case of abortion is unacceptable, except the operation to save the life. The Bible says that God never punishes the children for their fathers’ sins if the children do not participate in those sins (Deuteronomy 24:16; Jer. 31:29-30, Ezek. 18:19-20).

And like God, people also should not punish innocent children for the sins of the fathers.