What is euthanasia? When this term was used for the first time. And what is the purpose of euthanasia?

On the basis of the word “euthanasia” is underlying the Greek word “θάνατος – thanatos – death”. Euthanasia means an easy death without sufferings. According to reports, for the description of the death of Caesar Augustus, this term was first used by Roman historian Suetonius who reported that the emperor had an easy death.

After that, the word “euthanasia” was used for the description of easy death. But later, when causing the death of a sick person in pains and sufferings was applied in medicine, this word was used for that phenomenon.

Euthanasia can be voluntary and involuntary. It is voluntary when the patient is conscious and he asks to cause his death to get rid of the disease, pain, suffering. Euthanasia is involuntary when the person is unconscious, and his relatives or physician take a similar decision.

Euthanasia is unacceptable in the treatment of the human high morality and the supreme value of life and it deserves more condemnation than acceptance.

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