A few years ago a study showed that all over the world people watch television on average 3 hours a day. Today much more different statistics are being formed about the hours that a man passes in a day in front of the computer, cell phone. It’s not the same as being addicted to drugs, although there are similarities. Do people really receive harmless pleasure or benefit from it or just like a drug addict cannot give up the bad habit?

The daily tension in labor, lessons, and courses requires discharging of thought, the calmness, the recovering from mental tension. Therefore, people spend especially the evening hours in front of the television or computer, and some spend their time in front of mobile phones that already have the functions of television and computer.

When this form of occupation absorbs all the attention and time of a person, removing him from reality, communication with relatives, from family relationships, then it becomes an obsession. It is not identical with drug addiction, but it is very similar to it in the sense that the person will receive the appropriate amount of means, causing him a pleasure, meanwhile damaging his health and the environment, to be relaxed.

According to the psychological explanation, watching movies is related to the establishment of confidence of a person, to identify himself with movie characters, to have another perception on oppressive or disturbing things, to find motivations for actions and excitement and so on.

However, films, computer games, as well as advertisements show also violence, immorality, sexual excesses that harm human spirituality. The sinful scene can lead to sinful thoughts, become a stumbling or a cause of the temptation of evil. Evangelical establishment about the mental adultery equalizing with the deed actually happened (Matthew 5:27-28) also applies to the watching scenes of adultery and murder, considering the damage to the spiritual condition, the danger to evoke the inclination of sin.

According to one of the authors of the church, how can a person, who has watched a murder scene with pleasure, the next day in the church to pray to God, whose name is Love? Therefore, we should beware of the danger of inclination for adultery and restrain the eyes not only in personal relationship, about which Christ is talking, as well as the blessed Job (31.1), Biblical sage Sirach (25:28), but we must be careful when watching movies. There is an idea that a man and a woman who love each other are those who do not look at each other but are looking at the same direction. But it does not mean sitting next to each other in front of the TV or computer, watch movies for hours, looking at the same direction. But we are talking about harmony in feelings, thoughts, and relationship.

When a person spends most of his free time with inanimate objects, his relationship with family members becomes also inanimate and lifeless, and a person takes less care of children. Film or TV series are considered the most important, and because of it, the parents neglect their children. This can lead to tragic events related to children, such as, unfortunately, happened in our days.

The parents should not encourage their children to spend hours in front of the computer, TV or smartphone but they should maintain contact with the children in the family, reading together the Bible, playing games, no matter how simple may seem to the parents the participating children’s activities due to age. But all this must be done for the sake of healthy psychological development of children, providing proper education, to keep them away from the dangers of the television and Internet, and thus to prevent the damage caused to the health and eyesight of children.

For a man connected to TV or computer for years, it’s very difficult to get off it, but he must be aware of the danger and the threat of a bad habit, and the realization of that is the first step in getting rid of that obsession.

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