Exploitation of nature really leads to disruption of the normal condition of nature. What are the main risks and how to fight them?

The consequences of wasteful exploitation of nature by human bring negative effects and events just right in the life of humanity. Today the alarming problems related to nature are the global warming, distortion of climate patterns, as a result of it – the increase of natural disasters, the potential for large-scale melting of ice on Earth’s northern and southern poles, which can lead to the undesirable and irreversible condition of the entire planet, the pollution that endangers not only human life but also that of terrestrial, aquatic animals and birds.

People are detrimental to nature not only in the soil, in water areas, such as rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans but also in the air space. The use of new technologies with the development of the science provides an opportunity for the devices created by man to access air spaces. It causes (with the equipment ascending beyond the sky visible to the naked eye for the study of the universe) the depletion of the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation, in addition to the air pollution by the cars and factory emissions.

The depletion of the ozone layer is dangerous to the whole of nature, including human life; it leads to a decrease of vegetation growth, the genetic modification of the body, skin cancer, infectious diseases, darkening of the eye lenses, weakening of the immune system and so on.

The man annihilates many animal species; many are on the brink of extermination, which seriously harms the ecosystem, biological commonality of living organisms, their habitat, communication and the exchange of material between them. All this, of course, can not have a negative impact on human life.

It should be noted that the consumption and destruction of the wildlife have been connected and now also is related not only to the vital claims of the man, but also to the human pleasure or whim, such as hunting for the entertainment, unnecessary use of the skins, leather or heads of the animals, and animal scarecrows, the use of ivory for making decorations and so on.

To struggle against this sad reality and for eliminating the undesirable consequences of the exploitation of nature, there are environmental organizations, whose foster-explanatory and promotional activities are encouraged by the Church. Against the abuse of the animal world, nowadays also different organizations act for “animal rights” protection, which, however, sometimes express some extreme positions.

In 1994 the UN General Assembly, with the serious concern about ozone depletion, proclaimed 16 September as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. About the protection of the ozone layer, various international agreements have been drawn up, of which the Republic of Armenia is also a member.