What are the consequences of euthanasia? We ask this question because sometimes not only irredeemable patients, but also people, who have lost their mental balance, want to be euthanized, but also sometimes even the physician makes mistakes in the medical record, inciting people to desperate actions.

Consequences of euthanasia are many suicides and murders. According to church canons that were strictly observed in the Middle Ages, persons, who committed suicide, were even buried outside the Christian graves because they rejected the supreme divine gift, the life, falling into sins of apostasy and rejection of God.

Today, as in ancient times, the priests don’t offer a funeral ceremony for suicide. While euthanasia is a suicide with patient’s personal choice and also is a murder in the case of supporters and practitioners of euthanasia.

In the case of patient’s sufferings, it is worth to remember St. Gregory the Illuminator, who was subjected to terrible tortures, then was thrown into prison, into the deep pit for fifteen years. But with God’s help, he overcame all the trials, brought the light of faith to the Armenian people, and lived with glory and honor. Anyway, we should not exclude the miracle of healing as well as remember the malefactor on the right side of crucified Christ. For this malefactor, the sufferings became an opportunity to be cleansed from sins and to deserve everlasting bliss.

Sometimes incorrect medical diagnoses occur, or a physician gives a wrong consultation, especially when he is a supporter of euthanasia. Many patients, who passed away because of euthanasia, were not completely irredeemable sick persons, some had no pain, but they simply were tired of a morbid condition. Many have decided to apply euthanasia after a short time from the meeting with the doctor, consulting the patient to be euthanized. While the meetings with the faithful doctors, psychologists, and particularly with priests in many cases would lead to another decision.

Also because of these concerns, euthanasia is legalized only in a few countries and is not acceptable by the majority of states and peoples. In any case, we must remember that in the actions relating to life and threatening life, it is necessary to have as a guide the will of God who created the life.