What consequences, health, and psychological damages can follow abortion?

Health and psychological problems really follow abortion. It’s good when women are recovering faster, but often there are health complications. Studies show that there are many women who return to doctors with different complications after the abortion.

Psycho-emotional problems become more obvious, too. If the spouses are religious but turned to abortion because of social or other reasons, while knowing the position of the Church, then thereafter they live in the constant consciousness of guilt, depressed, or with sad feelings, recalling the incident. As a result, relations between spouses may be affected, and from this the upbringing of their children, too.

The social doctrine of Churches refers to such matters, too. The Catholic, Orthodox Churches have their own social doctrines with answers for different cases and circumstances. But there is something negative in that fact. The answers are based on the position of ecclesiastical authors and Bible, but sometimes they are short and only negative and aren’t educational.

The same is also true with regard to abortion. It is said that abortion is not acceptable for the Church in view of God-given life and the right to live. But there is no instruction on how the pair must behave during their married life. A married woman and a man cannot live like a hermit every day but also they cannot have a baby every year during the decades of marriage. It is known that sometimes women under 50 years old, and men till 80-90 years old are able to have children.

In recent years, after the reaffirmation of a strong position against abortion, the Catholic Church has banned and condemned the use of measures preventing fertilization, as they contribute to the spread of immorality and incurable sexual diseases, such as HIV and AIDS infections.

The canons of the Church concerning abortion mainly established by the medieval celibate ecclesiastical authors and figures who didn’t know much about marrying life with their own experience. And they did not explain in detail the steps to avoid abortion, bringing only prohibiting or condemning announcements.

This is not enough and is not a guidance for spouses. Clergymen should open the brackets and give explicit instructions to the faithful spouses based on the Christian doctrine and on the teaching of Scripture. If the message is not proper or is not appropriate to the clergy’s vocabulary, then the Church should carry out the education of spouses also through faithful doctors who will give professional advice. The solution of the problem of abortion is the reinforcement, in human consciousness, of the idea about human life as the supreme value, life as God-given gift and reinforcement of understanding that still an unborn child is also a man, by confirming the perception of the right to live.