Christianity is not a religion that restricts freedom. And every person is free to dispose of his body. So, why is abortion a sin?

Abortion is considered a sin against life. The man is free to dispose of his body only for well-being and care of himself, of his body, and not for harming and killing. While abortion is harmful even for life and is an action against health.

In addition, the unborn child’s body, which is in the process of formation, is not identical with the body of his mother, and a woman’s right to dispose of her body should not violate her child’s right to live and should not relate to the child’s body.

This means that a woman having abortion disposes not just of her own body, but also her child’s body, which is unacceptable.

The Christian concept of freedom is different from distorted perceptions of freedom because many people understand “freedom” as licentiousness, permission to do everything. While in Christianity the freedom first and foremost is a freedom from sin and from evil and seeming freedom to sin makes one a captive of sin and a subject of evil. The Apostle Peter briefly explains the idea of freedom: “Live as free people but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil” (1 Pet. 2:16). Therefore, the freedom to dispose of the body should also be considered with this idea.

It’s important to see the reasons that drive women to abortion. Usually, only women should not be blamed, for families and husbands are involved in this sin. One of the causes of abortion is an unwanted pregnancy when future child’s birth is unexpected for couples and they decide to get rid of the child.

The desire for immortality, mortal man’s wish to continue the existence in this world bring the obsessive thought of having a baby boy, who will continue his roots, ethnicity, his generation, and his kin.

Therefore, when recently people became able to predict the sex of the child thanks to the development of medical technology, the number of abortions increased much more, as people began to get rid of unborn girl children. This became a problem in different countries about which the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe issued a warning.

And today in some countries the works were carried out to adopt a law prohibiting doctors from revealing to parents the sex of the unborn child, in order to prevent the murders of girl children. Christian nations, that are the bearers of high traditions, moral values, shouldn’t reach a stage to receive outsiders’ remark and to correct the situation by others’ warnings. This fact is not convenient for Christians.

According to a study, many people want to have a boy not for the continuation of their kinship but for the purpose to not leave their possessions, earnings, obtained during their all life, to their sons in law but to their sons who have the same blood. Especially such thoughts stimulate the performance of abortions. But before implementing our desire we have to seek the will of God, creator of the life, and to act according to the Lord’s will.