What direct relation has the necessity of the respect for life with the solution of problems connected with nature?

We just do not understand life as only human life, but also of plants and animals. In general, a person, gifted with intelligence, should have a greatest respect and care for the phenomenon of life. Plants, animals live, want to enjoy the sun’s light and heat, the air, and the cubs and parents want also to enjoy a special love, care and tenderness peculiar to animals too.

The distinction between humans and animals is also made with the ability to speak and being rational or not having these qualities. The fact that the animals are not rational creatures, however, does not exclude the sensitivity specific to them.

This agrees with the Christian teaching about the soul, according to which, there are three types of the soul – vegetable, sensitive, and rational. In the human soul these three powers are present, the highest of which is its rational part, and the soul, having this quality, is endowed with immortality. While in plants there is only a vegetable soul with the power to grow and to breathe, in the animals there are vegetable and sensitive abilities of the soul with the power to feel, to express attitude, with the ability to have sadness and joy, even to weep.

The vegetable and sensitive soul has not the quality of immortality but only the power to transmit liveliness and vitality. But with the understanding that plants and animals have a life and the right to live, we should treat cherishingly and carefully with that life, generally with the phenomenon of life granted by God, and use the flora and fauna for extreme, vital needs with care and saving.