When you use a computer, cell phone or another device, it is impossible to control the content of information provided. Nowadays, even children have cell phones or are obsessed with computers, Internet games. Is there an alternative and other meaningful activities to replace the Internet?

Giving cell phones to the children too soon, if it is not necessary, is not encouraging. For the child, the cell phone is often not a communication tool but an experience of self-affirmation to be like adults. It is bad when child’s self-affirmation is not based on faith, spiritual values, but on a mobile phone, computer, or on another material basis.

The physicians warn that children should not exceed half an hour of computer games, those who are sitting at the computer in every ten minutes should give a rest to the eyes for one or two minutes. Parents should be careful, not allowing their children to spend most of the time incorrectly.

The computer hypnotizes a child. Try to keep him away from his favorite computer game, and the child will fall into shock, begin to shout and cry, tapping his feet on the floor, demanding his entertainment. The parents, who allow their children to spend hours and hours at the computer, do not perform correctly their duty of upbringing and fail in parental responsibilities. The child is silent, their head is free from kids’ noise, and so such parents are satisfied with this. But generally, the parents, who ignore their children, are not worthy of the highest honor to be called a parent.