Dear Readers,

The purpose of this website is to present Christian teachings, religious opinions, and attitudes about common problems, challenges and spiritual situation of the humanity and the world. New publications on the actual topics will also be added to the site.

I am glad that the technological achievements of the new era give the opportunity to present you spiritual teachings, opinions, and attitudes in the most affordable way.

In human history, particularly in the 20th century and especially in the 21st century, the various branches of science – technology, medicine, biology and other spheres developed in an unprecedented manner. This reality, with an active role in the world, significantly influenced human thinking, outlook, and behavior.

New relationships formed, and also various problems arose relating to morality, ethics, and attitudes towards religion, absolutization of secular and material phenomena, ignoring spiritual values and so on.

In this situation, it is necessary to give answers to the topical issues on the grounds of the Bible and religious literature, as well as to provide explanations about the relationship between man and God, about the human behavior and Christian morality in today’s society.

Religious views, positions, presented on this website about the new problems and phenomena, are based on Scripture, church authors, as well as on different Churches’ social concepts and approved ecclesiastical documents.

On the website homepage, you can find the headings, the content of which is expanded under the subheadings. You can see the subtitles at the end of the general content, accessing the main topic.

I hope that the articles, available on the website, will contribute to the knowledge of the Christian positions, strengthening of spiritual and religious awareness and will help to orient in the diverse realities of the modern world, establishing a lifestyle, faithful to the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With love and blessings,

Fr. Adam Makaryan
Armenia, first Christian country in the world