What is morality, how to define it?

Morality is a system of concepts relating to human conduct, behavior, which, by secular perception, should be considered acceptable and commendable by society. According to the religious point of view, morality should be accepted, approved and established by God.

According to the secular perception, norms of morality are defined by society. In different societies, the concepts and behaviors of morality can radically differ and even completely be opposite to each other. Such a contrast is evident in moral perceptions and notions of western and eastern societies; it is obvious in the external behavior.

By the word “morality” people mostly think about sex life. In different of societies, the ideas about premarital and extramarital life and living can be different. In Western societies, there is a more open approach to this issue while eastern societies are more conservative and traditional in matters relating to the family.

Depending on the environment and changes in human mentality, sometimes phenomena not perceived as moral, is legalized, becoming completely acceptable and moral for the new era. Therefore, is the definition of morality full of relativities?

The concept of morality becomes relative when it is deprived of the religious basis. Ethics must be established by a person with high moral ideas, which can only be God in His perfection.

When a person sets standards of morality according to his logics, he may become demoralized in comparison with religious-Christian morality, even falls in obscenity.

Different laws of Western developed countries that relate to aspects of moral life attain even to absurdity and profanation, showing the comparison with biblical Christian moral principles, what kind of plunge of real morality occurred in the modern world.

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