Abortion is not prohibited by law in many countries. What is the position of the Church?

Church rules adopted back in the early days of Christianity prohibit abortion. According to Basil of Caesarea’s rules, the abortion is linked to the sins of suicide and homicide. Women having abortion endangers their life, while life is a gift from God to each person.

Even in our age of advanced medicine, there are cases when women, unfortunately, died as a result of abortion. Abortion is also considered as a murder because by the Christian perception the embryo is already a human and has a soul, as church authors say.



“One who will be a man is already man”, – says one of the early ecclesiastical authors Tertullian.


Spirit is present in the human embryo as the fire has the light peculiar to him. Therefore, abortion is also regarded as murder or infanticide, killing of infants.  According to church rules, the entry into the church building is forbidden for women who had an abortion, they are deprived of receiving Holy Communion and only the last communion is given to them on deathbed.

This rule is maintained with strictness until today in the Catholic Church: women who had an abortion are deprived of receiving Holy Communion. However, this rule is not exercised in different churches, but mostly the condescension is rendered simultaneously performing educational, instructive work for man and woman understand better the religious attitude and the supreme value of man.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church re-emphasized deprivation of Holy Communion for women, having an abortion. Even the Pope Benedict 16th, During his visit to South America in 2007, specifically confirmed this view with the strong position to deprive of Holy Communion women who applied that action. Today’s Pope Francis, however, is taking steps to mitigate this approach through an ecclesiastical council.

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